Oasis Driving Philosophy

The driving philosophy behind my designs are as follows.  These benches were designed to organize all of ones tools, threads and bottles, in other words key items that a fly tier needs while in the act of tying flies. I am not trying to address the need for organization of materials. Material organization is something that should be easily expandable as one acquires more and more materials over time.  Tools, threads and bottles on the other hand are a little more fixed in terms of the quantity of those items that are used.  Having a portable organizer that addresses storage of those items is what I have tried to achieve with my designs.

The ease of portability of these designs means one can tie anywhere and then by simply storing the bench in an out of the way location the tier is still set up to tie next time, saving on setting up and taking down time.

Knowing that all fly tiers have different levels of needs I have tried to give enough of an offering to address those needs through the various designs.  In these designs you will notice a variety of hole sizes, both in width and depth to store the many different tools and bottles that we might use.  Every hole does not necessarily have to be filled with something, but the large variety gives flexibility of each design to the different tiers who will end up using them. Lastly there is something special about sitting down in front of a nice piece of furniture to tie your own flies. This  pride of ownership would be the same as in using a quality fly rod or reel.

This will I hope in some way inspire the user to not only tie more often, but also tie the finest flies that have ever graced a hook.  If my benches help to achieve these two things, along with of course better organization, our goals have been accomplished.

Rick Weisberg
Oasis Fly Tying Benches