The Spinner – Fly Tying Bench / Workstation


When space is at a premium, the Spinner could be the answer. The lazy susan design puts all the tools, bottles, threads, and feathers at the tyers fingertips. (17″ x 18″ x 8″)
(Left Handed model available)

In addition to the features found on all Oasis benches, The Spinner also has:

  • C-clamp arm to attach vise
  • 64 holes of various sizes
  • 14 plastic jars with white lids to store hooks, beads, or eyes
  • Large, deep, center hole for bulk feather storage
  • 12 rods hold 36 spools of thread
  • Large rippled foam sheet to store finished flies
  • Magnetic sheet to store hooks or nymphs
  • Holes at the front right for tools being used

MSRP- $233.00
Sale Price $186.00