The Fly Factory – Fly Tying Bench/Workstation


The compact size and portability means you can tie just about anywhere. You will find the various trays will become indispensable holding hooks, eyes, beads and finished flies. The right arm is conveniently placed for tool storage while the left arm is mostly for bottles.

(Left handed version available)

17.5″ wide x 16″ deep x 5″ high

Plastic inserts organizes and keeps separate numerous materials. Rounded bottom edges make taking out small hooks or beads in a snap.

10 brass rods hold 20 spools of thread, wire, tinsel.

Cork Strip in front (a handy location) is ready to stick your newly finished masterpieces in until head cement dries and then can be moved into your fly box.

Seven storage jars hold commonly used hooks, beads, or eyes right on the bench.

Rear storage area will hold necks, saddles, dubbing bags, hook boxes or larger jars.

Front of left arm is saved for a convenient location to attach your c-clamp vise.

Two ½” rear accessory holes, on each side are intended for a standard swing arm lamp or Oasis accessory products like a Book Holder, Fly Dock, or a Sparkle Spinner 16 or 32.

Hackle plier hanger and foam insert for bodkins.

Magnet holds in one place hooks or razor blades.

MSRP- $145.00

As of Jan 16 2024 the Fly Factory is back in stock