Dubbing Brush Table

  • Sealed ball bearing for a smooth trouble free long lasting spin.
  • Dual manual speed spinning for the highest level of control, a 1/2” chuck electric drill can be attaches if desired.
  • Hand crank on typical non spinning end so now you can counter spin that end at the same time for a more even faster twist
  • Compression spring adjusts for wire shorting while spinning and keeps wire taunt.
  • Table platform is light colored on one side, dark on the other to assist in visual accuracy.
  • Dual rubber washers wire holder keeps wire taunt while loading table with your medium. Tension adjustable.
  • 12” ruler with stops when consistency of lengths is important.
  • Foam insert for bodkin storage.
  • Tool holder to hang scissors, wire cutter, and brushes.
  • Bracket design allows for complete removable of table while spinning.
  • Store up to 4 extra spools of wire on two brass rods.
  • Multi lacquer finish for years of trouble free beauty.
  • Left handed model now available. Notify me with a follow up e-mail that you want a lefty.

Drubbing Brush Table
MSRP- $179.00.

As of Feb 9, 2024 these are back in stock. Thank you for your past patience