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Below are some testimonials of individuals involved in fly tying that are familiar with Oasis products. You will notice a diverse representation in the various individuals giving their statements. If you are a current user of an Oasis bench or accessory and would like to be added to this list we are always looking for new testimonials. Please e-mail your statement to oasisbenches@theriver.com . By doing so please add to your statement that you give permission (or not) for Oasis to use your testimonial in any future advertising or/and promotion. By the same token if you have any constructive criticism of our products please e-mail us so we may consider tour suggestions.

"Without question the finest fly tying desk on the market. Beautifully crafted and the design will please even the most organized minded fly tyer. I like it so well that Iím using it on my ESPN American Angler T.V. show and will be seen in my new upcoming video "Tying and Fishing Streamer Flies". Itís really a winner."

Jack Dennis, author and owner, Jack Dennis Outdoor Sports

Jackson, Wyoming

"Iíve always loved the beauty and function of finely crafted wood tools and furnishings. Thanks to the wonderful wood working skills of Rick Weisberg, wherever I travel to tie flies for audiences or to fish, I can enjoy tying them more and better with my lovely wood Oasis Pedestal Base and companion customized Tying Lamp System! Iíll never be without this combo and highly recommend it to traveling tyers or those who have limited tying space at home!"

Dave Whitlock, Artist, Writer,Photographer, Teacher, Conservationist and Lecturer

Midway, Arkansas

"The beautiful Oasis Fly Tying Bench is a precious part of my room, all the fly tying tools are perfectly neat. The Oasis Bench is useful and handy for beginner and expert fly tyers. Tying flies is an art and the Oasis Fly Tying Bench is art!" 

Alberto Salvini, International fly fisher and fly tyer

Rome, Italy

"Iíve tyed at an Oasis Fly Tying Bench for several years. Itís become as indispensable as a precision pair of scissors and/or quality hackles. Beautifully handcrafted these lovely benches are made by a serious fly tyer for professional fly tyers!"  

Craig Mathews, author and owner, Blue Ribbon Flies

West Yellowstone, Montana

"This is a beautifully finished fly tying bench that your spouse would accept in your house as a fine piece of furniture."

Sam Levitz, ,Levitz Furniture Company

Tucson, Arizona

"A bench that will work for me needs to keep a huge and diverse inventory of tools, tying materials, tinsels, and hooks in order. With all my tools and paraphernalia in place I actually had holes and pegs left over. The Oasis Compact Bench is one that I have needed for nearly fifty years as a tyer. . . (It) is absolutely a Godsend for Me"

Les Johnson, editor Flyfishing and Tying Journal

Seattle, Washington

"Oasis Lap Benches have proven to be the most elegant, durable, and functional fly tying organizational benches in our store. The quality of wood and craftsmanship sets Oasis apart from the rest."

Bob Marriott, president, Bob Marriottís Flyfishing Store

Fullerton, California

"The Oasis Fly Tying Bench makes our fly tying neater and more productive. They really grab our customers attention and outsell any other benches weíve sold by a wide margin."

Brad Richey, co owner, Madison River Outfitters

West Yellowstone, Montana

"The fit and finish is really quite remarkable for the money, reminds me of how Browning used to make shotguns. You donít see fit and finish this good anymore. Pure quality of workmanship, a rarity these days."

Mike Lowry, Fly Tyer

Rocheport, Missouri

" One of the few products that gives you more than what you paid for."

The Honorable Doug Allen

Winnfield, Louisiana

"Of all the tying benches weíve sold in our store over the last 15 years, the Oasis bench has sold the best. Most importantly, it doesnít look like something easily copied by the family woodworker, so the pool of potential customers is very large."

Dave Corcoran, owner, The Rivers Edge

Bozeman, Montana

"The combination of functionality and hand-crafted beauty found in Rickís work is a rare thing indeed. The Oasis Bench has added a touch of class to my fly tying work space. Next to a good vice, these benches can probably do more to increase your efficiency as a tier than any other product you can own."

Greg McDermid, Publisher and Editor, The Virtual Fly Shop,

Fort Collins, Colorado


Home   |   Oasis Benches   |   Accessories   |   What's New   |   Testimonials

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