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Compact Bench

Standard Compact Bench

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Walnut Compact Bench

"Without question the finest fly tying desk on the market. Beautifully crafted and the design will please even the most organized minded fly tyer. It's really a winner"

Jack Dennis, Author and Owner, Jack Dennis Outdoor Sports
Jackson, WY

For its size, the Compact Bench stores a surprising number of tools, bottles, and thread. Its size makes it ideal to take down hallways, through doors, or even the back seat of the car. designed for the professional (or very serious) tyer. it works well on a table or in your lap. (21" x 15" x 5.5")
(Left Handed model available)

In addition to the features found on all Oasis benches, the Compact bench also has:

  • 25 brass rods store 50 spools of thread
  • C-clamp vise attaches to the left walnut piece
  • Side storage for larger items
  • Surrounded on 4 sides to keep small items contained
  • 3 trays at the front store flies, hooks, beads, or eyes
  • Hand holds for easy carrying and felt bottom
  • A variety of hole sizes and a background card

Standard Compact Bench 
MSRP- $330.00

Sale Price $297

Walnut Compact Bench 
MSRP- $342.00

Sale Price $307.80

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